Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Bicycling Today, but a Great Day for Cross Country Skiing !

The snow keeps coming in early January on Long Island. I have long envied those who live in areas of the country and the world who have a 12 month cycling season. When the weather doesn't cooperate, we seek other forms of exercise. In my case, my medical school freshman housemate turned me on to cross country skiing. Over the years, Helen and I have cross country skiied many of the areas of the East Coast, and some in the West Coast on our trip to California in February, 2010. Cross country skiing has it all for the lover of the outdoors and full body exercise. You don't have to travel many hours to do it, because any park or golf course will suffice. It's a great change of pace from cycling, and uses somewhat different muscle structures. It can be gentle or vigirous, and is easily adaptable to any exercise and outdoor regimens. Suffice it to say, that I greatly enjoy it when I can get it. My skies are Rossignol back country skis with full metal edges, which are adaptable for the ungroomed local trails, and can fit into groomed tracks on vacation.

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