Sunday, May 18, 2014

Helen Gets a New Bike, and We Take a Ride to Montauk!

We don't know exactly when it happened. Our garage doors had been funky for some time. An appointment had already been made to replace them. Sometime between when I went to the gym and came back, the garage door had been left open, and Helen's bike was gone!. We shopped around for a long while. Helen wanted a bike that was good for her on the road, but had rail trail and fire road capabilities. She settled on a Giant Anyroad model, which was expertly fit to her by Alex at Bicycle Playground in Huntington, New York. Yesterday, we visited our friend Scott in Montauk, and took a 20 mile round trip to Montauk Point, road testing Helen's new bike. For my part, I took a break from My Catrike Expedition, and celebrated the 30th anniversary of my fixed gear Pinarello, relishing the challenge of doing the hills to and from Montauk Point in a
68.4 gear inch ratio.
All went well for our excursion. Helen found that the Giant Anyroad had a smooth ride, was well fit to her body, and enjoyed the strong stopping power of the Avid disc brakes. We rested at Camp Hero, which has cliffs overlooking the ocean, and in my opinion, the best views in all of Montauk.I surprised myself in my fixed gear challenge, conquering all four of the hills in our route and dancing handily to power up them all. My winter regimen of incline leg presses when time, weather, or both prevent me from getting on the road, has helped my climbing efforts this Spring. Hopefully, it will translate to a successful Ride to Montauk on my Catrike expedition on May 31st.