Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slime Boy!

I had worked hard all week at the hospital, saving lives, doing operations, and delivering babies. Today was my one day off, the next one being July 11th. I awoke to a soggy day, with on and off rains showers, always sprinkling a little bit. The roads were a mess, so I got out my orange 2001 Jamis cyclocross bike for a spin in the mud.
Of course, I went to my favorite trail system, Caumsett Park in Lloyd Neck, Long Island. For those 
that think that Long Island is an urbanized asphalt jungle, think again. Caumsett has about 20 miles of cyclocross-perfect trails, flattish to rolling. The overnight storm had created perfect off trail conditions, with lots of mud, ooze, slime, and even some peanut butter.
Even though it is two years since Hurricane Sandy, some of the single track trails have just been repaired so that they are now in good rideable condition. One of my favorites is one that I call the trail of ferns. It is slow, single track, quiet, and 
almost zen like in its solitude.
The park has flats, hills, rolling terrain, and scenic views: just about everything an off trail rider could want in an 1800 acre venue. I saw ospreys, red foxes, raccoons, and of course, lots of white tailed deer. Two hours of perfect cycling pleasure!