Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finally, Some Snow to Ski on!

It has been a while since I made  blog entry, but here's a late one. We were waiting for snow to cross country ski on for most of the winter. Our large storm in February brought 28 inches of snow to our area of Long Island. The day after Saturday's big snow, we went to Caumsett Park, our favorite park, for some skiing. The park is an ideal venue for winter sports due to its rolling hills and numerous wide trails. We skiied to Long Island Sound over good tracks. There are no machine made tracks in our area, so all cross country skiing is back country. I was happy to break trail, and my Rossignol 68mm width full metal edge skies were perfect for that purpose. Some people were even able to ski on the beach.
Helen gave a great showing, leading on the way back. Although conditions were blizzard like the day before, things had calmed down greatly, leaving us with milder temperatures, no wind, and brilliant sunlight. Of course, we met a lot of friendly folks along the trail, as is often common in the cross country skiing community. Long Island is no Wisconson, so we cherish the few good ski days that we get on a yearly basis.