Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Snow! I Decide to Take a Photographic Expedition on Snowshoes

We have had a lot of snow here in the Northeast. There are 16 inches in my backyard. I woke up on Saturday 1-29-2011 with a mission: to take a photographic expedition on snowshoes. With the exterme depth of snow lately, I have been taking advantage of this form of exercise more and more. It is literally too deep for cross country skiing, and cycling has been impossible. I decided to give my circa 1960 gray bodied and red bellowsed Century Graphic a workout. It has an excellent 101mm F: 4.5 Optar lens made by Wollensack, in Rochester, New York. As a matter of fact, the camera, lens, and rollfilm back were all made in Rochester, New York. Hats off to Rochester! think of American Camera.
It turned out that cross country skiers had made some pretty good tracks over the past few days, and the trails were  unsullied by horses or walkers. Both cross country skiing and snowshoeing  were a delight in this deep and relatively heavy snow. The landscape was exquisite, and the woods were silent. I worked up quite a sweat on my Tubbs snowshoes, and took a few good shots with the Century Graphic
Those of you who know will notice that the XC tracks and the snowshoe path seem to respect each other. This is due to the extreme trail courtesy that each of these forms of snow travel have for each other in Caumsett Park. Its 1800 acres and 25 miles of trails are very varied, and are well shared by all,
I had a great time in the woods that day. Exercise, Nature, Photography, what a way to spend a day off. Nobody was around, so I took a picture of myself, and here it is. During the coming months I will plot the course of my Spring and Summer riding schedule, both social and athletic. I have already arranged with some friends to do the 5 Boro Bike Tour on May 1, 2011. Also, I'm 60 in June, and would like to plan some special riding event or accomplishment to celebrate. We will see what develops.

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