Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thinking of Spring

As I sit inside during our current snowstorm, I am thinking of the coming Spring. Riding time has been scarce over the past two months. Given our Long Island climate, Cross Country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities have been few and far between. During the past year, I almost died from serious medical problems and have come back stronger than ever. Although I only did one century ride in the 2013 season, I made up the mileage in shorter and more frequent rides. One big change is my return to recumbent cycling, with the purchase of a Catrike Expedition trike. This machine is a blast to ride. I often will not even get up out of the seat for an entire 30-40 mile ride,snacking or resting in place. I definitely agree with many others that the 37 degre riding position of this trike is ideal for the long distance haul. I was able to climb all the hills on Shelter Island, and have come to appreciate the beauty of the slow and steady climb. Do not assume that I have given up upright cycling, as I am active on my regular road, fixed gear, and cyclocross bikes. For the New Year, my immediate goal is to complete a century ride on the Catrike Expedition. To this end, I have been active in the gym, doing recumbent and incline leg press training.