Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Finishing Touches

Prior to my first century attempt on a fixed gear bike, I thought that some finishing touches would be appropriate. When repurposing a bike with downtube shifter bosses, what to do with the bosses is always a problem. Cut them off ? Leave them alone ? Find another use for them ? I decided to purchase and install  a set of Downtube Shifter Boss Covers, made by Problem Solvers. They protect the bosses and myself from damage, and look cool. Two stainless 5mm button bolts with 3mm allen heads were 75 cents each at the hardware store and fasten them fine. No rattles so far. For the handlebars, I chose red Cinelli Gel Tape. While not revolutionary, it is at least an evolutionary progress in handlebar comfort, as I tend to get pins and needles on longer rides. No computer on this bike so far, it doesn't seem right. Pure riding ? My fixed gear training is going well. Repeats of my local standing 80 revolution hill are increasing in number. I am confident that I can conquer The Ride to Montauk Century on June 19, 2010 in good form. More to come after the ride. More about fixed gear riding and technique as I gain more experience.

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