Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Very Wet Day: 108 Miles on My Catrike Expedition. 55 Centuries in the book.

For this year's distance rides, I again went on the Ride to Montauk with about 2,000 of my closest friends. I also chose my Catrike Expedition as my weapon of choice. The trike is about 3-4 miles per hour slower than my LOOK KG 381i carbon framed road bike, but is much more pleasant to ride, and makes me happier at the end of the day. As there was a weather forecast for rain, I fitted the rear fender in order to keep my back dry, and I'm glad that I did! Front fenders would have helped too, a consideration for the future. The heavens opened and it poured rain from mile 22 to mile 52. All involved got decidedly wet. With the weather at about 55F, that made for lots of shivering riders.
The 52 mile rest stop had lots of people becoming hypothermic. I do not understand that with the weather forecast, bikers would set out at 7AM in just shorts and sleeveless tops. I was better protected than most, with waterproof shoe covers, a waterproof and breathable helmet cover, and my Showers Pass waterproof jacket. 
After about 11AM, the weather cleared and was merely cloudy. Later in the day, the sun came out, and made a complete difference in the general mood of the riders. Lots of riders opted out and took the sagg wagon to the finish line. Even though at times I had doubts about myself riding in the pouring rain, I continued onward because I had something to prove. It has been now over two years since my brush with death from two concurrent medical problems. My regular exercise regimen has been very effective, and my lab numbers have been optimal for quite awhile. 
 It is a good feeling that for my 55th century ride, I was able to hang in there despite adversity, and have the feeling of accomplishment in less than optimal conditions. Next ride will be the Nassau to Suffolk Challenge on June 28th, a 100km hilly ride. That I will tackle on my LOOK KG381i. Onward to 6 weeks of hill training!

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