Friday, March 6, 2015

An Afternoon of Snowshoeing

After our small 9" snowstorm yesterday, I decided to go out snowshoeing this afternoon. Most of the local trails have been previously skied, and I wanted a little different type of adventure. The layers of snow from the various storms have made skiing a crusty affair, with my back country skis sinking into a crusty layered surface frequently. Perfect day for the very flexible art of snowshoeing.
My older snowshoes were made in Vermont by the Tubbs Company. They have since moved their operations to California, and the snowshoe designs have evolved over the years. My old Tubbs' seem just right for our Eastern conditions, so I have had no need to replace them. 
The learning curve on snowshoes is very short, and almost anyone can learn quickly. This is not a fast sport, but is quite enjoyable, while giving a great cardiovascular workout. 

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