Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm 65 today! A Shelter Island Treat

Well, it finally came about. Today I am 65 years old. That seems to be some sort of a milestone for many people. Some are still active, and some are not. Long ago, I chose to be active for life. Growing up in Westbury on Long Island, I was fortunate enough to meet Vito Perucci,the cycling barber, who became, in effect, my cycling father. Since the age of two I have been interested in cycling. As I have told my daughter Nina, it is not what I do, it is what I am.
For my birthday day I happened to be off call. I have recently transitioned from being a private practitioner to being a full time OB-GYN Academic Hospitalist, and things have been much calmer lately with a more predictable schedule. The obvious choice for a birthday ride would be a 40 mile loop from Sag harbor to Shelter Island and back. During the week the island is deserted, and has flattish/rolling/hilly/scenic terrain well suited to a general cycling workout. 
There is also a great amount of wildlife on the island. I have seen wild turkeys, osprey, foxes, and many other animals on my rides. The above osprey nest is right off the road on the way to Ram Island, and very visually accessible. Of course, I stopped by Marie Eiffel's for a melted brie and ham on home baked baguet. 
On the technical side, my new Kojak baldy tires were able to give me a good compromise between grip, speed, and cushioning. They will be Spring/Summer Fall keepers for sure. Many people assume that trike riding is easier than riding an upright bike. I say that after 6000+ miles on this Catrike trike, that the amount of watts/exercise put out is about the same. Due to my being sun challenged, my Boure sunscreen jersey with SPF 28 effectiveness kept my arms from being baked. Great riding made a great birthday day. Thanks to all my family and cycling buds for your continuing encouragement and support

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