Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rain Rain Rain..Makes a Great Mud Ride

Well, it is December and no snow yet. We have gotten rain for the past few days, and everything is soaked. The road conditions are terrible. Lots of fog, so automobile visualization of bikes cannot be trusted.That sounds like a great opportunity to go for a mud ride.
Caumsett Park, in Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, is an 1800 acre former estate of Marshall Field III. It has rolling fields, and 20 miles of trails, from broad fire roads to single track. It is the perfect place to ride when mud is on the mind.
I built this bike from a frame 14 years ago, and it has not let me down. Now, several rear derailleurs and wheels later, it is my steady date in bad or borderline conditions. I have even raced it in cyclocross races several years ago. I had the honor of being lapped by Richard Sachs!
As this bike was created expressly for these trail conditions, my ride was wet, muddy, gooey, and very pleasurable. The 32mm knobby tires bite well in the uneven or soft terrain, and the Reynolds 631 steel frame is compliant enough when the going gets rough.
It was certainly a lot better than going to the gym on a less than perfect day. Most cyclists would keep their light, fast, or expensive machines home. This baby was born for slop, and that is where it really shines. Success!

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