Monday, August 10, 2015

A Great Weekend in Montauk

Summer is about halfway through. There was no better time than to visit our friends in Montauk. The riding is always fantastic, and the beach, water, and food are the best around. Our traditional trip to the Point went very well, and the weather cooperated fully. 
Fortunately, we have friends who have a house in Montauk, and we are always invited to stay. We had a home made taco feast for dinner saturday night, fish, steak, chicken, or vegetarian. Town was extra crowded, and best avoided. The natural shoreline of Montauk is one of it's biggest drawing points. It is often called a drinking town with a fishing problem. I say that there's nothing there, but there's everything there.
The beach, shoreline, and cliffs are always fascinating. I did some photography at Camp Hero beach:
Swimming in the ocean had enough challenge to be interesting, but not enough to feel unsafe.

We had dinner Sunday night at Inlet Seafood, which has become my favorite Montauk restaurant. The view from the balcony over the inlet jetty was perfect!

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