Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the road to recovery, a Day of Fixed Gear Cycling

One month and six days after my cardiac catheterization, out of control blood sugar, and almost death, I am now regularly back in the saddle. I have not had any chest pain since my stent procedure, and my blood sugar is under very tight control. I credit my survival to a 75,000+ mile history of cycling. My current low glycemic index diet has gone a long way towards righting a very wrong situation. I was cautious at first, but am now almost up to speed in terms of duration and difficulty of my rides. I hope to be ready to complete the Ride to Montauk Century  ( 100 mile ride ) on June 1st.
For today's ride, I chose the excellent Lloyd Harbor peninsula, with its low traffic volume, varied terrain, and gorgeous scenery. It was also a great opportunity to test out the latest iteration of the platformed eggbeater pedals from the Crank Brothers, the Candy #3.
This pedal replaces the Candy SL. It is nominally 6 grams heavier, but replaces the Candy SL's composite body with a more durable stainless steel one. I found the pedals smooth when cruising, and stable while climbing the 16% grade Target Rock road on my 1984 Pinarello fixie. Doing this grade on a fixed gear was another step in my recovery. I want to do all that I could before and then some.
As for the continuing bike porn..Well, I was riding alone and I am such a sucker for that stuff. Spring is still in the air. Trees were in full blossom, and the buttercups were out in force.
All in all, it was a very nice ride and day. The scenery was enchanting, I got a good workout in, and the new pedals worked out great. My recovery is on schedule. My weekend plan is to do a 40 mile moderate to hilly ride with the club on Sunday, to get in a little paceline action.

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