Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Ride to Montauk Point, Camp Hero, and We Meet Some Pipers!

We went to Montauk for the weekend. Our hosts Elaine and Scott again put us up in grand style in their sleeping loft. Our Saturday ride to Montauk Point began with a short jaunt into town, and a delicious breakfast outside at the MTK Cafe, our usual haunt. Following that, we set out for Montauk Point, Today, we made a stop at Camp Hero, on the way to the Point. It was a rest stop for the Roughriders, and then became an artillery outpost during WWII.
Camp Hero has a great view of the Atlantic Ocean from high bluffs. It is very easily accessable by bike or car, and has various paths to the beach. The area is rough and rocky, and is not ideal for swimming, but has a rugged beauty all its own. I keep coming back here year after year, and it doesn't ever get old.
Upon our return to Montauk Town, we came upon a street performance by a Piper band from Amityville. I asked them if there was any special event that they were performing for, and the reply was that they were celebrating  Halfway to St. Patrick's Day! The piping was excellent, and capped off another great day on the very tip of the East End.

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