Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Foggy Ride to Montauk

Helen and I were out in Montauk, visiting our good friends Scott and Elaine. As is our usual custom, we set out on Sunday morning for our standard 25 mile jaunt to Montauk Point and back. There has been a lot of fog lately, but this morning was the heaviest that we had seen in awhile. I was glad that I had a dayglow green Pearl Izumi jacket, and a Cateye 1000 tail light on my Carradice Pendle. After a great breakfast at the outdoor Montauk Cafe, we set out for the Point.
The road to Montauk had some class B hills, the most notable when one is where the road goes by the oldest cattle ranch in the United States. I took my LOOK KG381i fully geared bike, so it was not a gasper for me. We have been doing this ride together for about 20 years on and off, and it never bores me due to the beauty of the Montauk area and ocean.
By mid day, the sun had come out and a good portion of the fog had burned off. After a rest at the Point, we headed back to Montauk town and attended a terrific art show. The quality of work was excellent, and we met three people who we knew there. Then off to the beach for awhile, and then on to a great BBQ dinner with our friends. Scott showed me how to make homemade hummus! A good time was had by one and all.

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